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How to avoid discoloration and damage to countertops E-mail
There is a wide range of general guidelines that should be followed in order to care for a kitchen countertop. Here are some of the most efficient ones that hopefully will help you prolong the life of this kitchen item. Start by removing the stains and discolorations. A sponge and soap water will be enough in order to remove the simple stains. For the more stubborn ones, you should use Soft-Scrub and blue Scotch-Brite pad. The Soft-Scrub is to be applied to the kitchen countertop. Next, you will have to scrub the stained area by using circular motions and the blue pad. Both of these cleaning substances can be found at the local stores. Keep in mind that you really need to scrub by using circular motions and finish the whole process by using a sanding pad in a circular pattern.

A  kitchen countertop can also be affected by extreme heat even if such a solid surface material is likely to withstand extreme heat better than other surface materials. However, you should keep in mind that a kitchen countertop can be damaged by electric frying pans, hot pans, croc-pots, waffle irons and other kitchen appliances that generate extreme heat. In order to prevent the heat damage of your kitchen countertop, you should use a trivet together with a rubber feet placed right between the kitchen countertop and the hot appliance.

In most cases, the solid surface of the countertop can be properly repaired if damaged. But you must make sure that you are following all the necessary guidelines in order to achieve the wanted results and prevent further or future damage to your kitchen countertop.
Start by avoiding to expose your kitchen countertop to extremely strong chemicals such as cleaners or paint removers. If this direct contact occurs, you will have to quickly flush the whole surface of the kitchen countertop with water in order to remove the stains and avoid a possible discoloration of the solid surface. If you stain your kitchen countertop with a substance such as nail polish, you will have to remove this stain by using a non-acetone-based substance/nail remover and flush the whole surface with water.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that you must not cut directly on the kitchen countertop because, by doing so, it is more likely to damage its surface.
Remember to use a resistant cutting board in order to protect your kitchen countertop. Use a hot pad or a trivet with legs in order to place it right under every hot producing appliance. Scratches and cuts can also be removed. For the minor blemishes and scratches, you should use the same cleaning system as in the case of the stubborn stains. But if you are dealing with deeper scratches, you will have to sand the affected area with a green and Scotch-Brite pad and you will have to do it in a circular motion. Use an abrasive cleanser such as Ajax.

You will have to scrub until all the stubborn scratches are gone.  Start by applying  a heavy pressure on the Scotch-Brite and gradually use a lighter and lighter pressure.  Next, you will have to sand the surface with a maroon and Scotch-Brite pad and use a circular motion by applying a lighter pressure and covering a larger area than the one you have previously sanded. Blend this whole sanded area with the rest of the countertop surface and polish it with a Soft-scrub and a blue and Scotch-Brite pad.  Buff the surface by using a sanding paper. Sand the surface in a circular motion and do this progressively, by using less and less force and pressure. Remember to wipe off the whole surface between the sanding steps and finish everything by polishing the countertop with a substance especially formulated for this such as Countertop Magic.

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