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How To Care For and Clean A Ceramic Tile Countertop E-mail
There are many people across the nation that consider a ceramic tile countertop to be the best type of kitchen countertop for their home.  Ceramic tile countertops are available in a wide variety of colors and styles and can even be custom created to match the existing décor in the home.  Ceramic tile countertops also have many qualities and benefits that make them ideal for placement in certain homes, such as being extremely durable and being resistant to heat and burns.

Some of the people that are interested in purchasing a ceramic tile countertop for their home are hesitant because they are unsure of how to care for and clean the countertop.  Purchasing a new countertop is a significant investment for many and they would like to keep their new countertop looking new for as long as possible.  Cleaning and maintaining a ceramic tile countertop can be easy and quickly done once the owner knows what it is that they need to do. In most cases, any spills that occur on a ceramic tile countertop can be wiped up immediately with a damp cloth or sponge without any ill effects to the countertop.  It is important that spills and messes be wiped up quickly because, even though the tiles themselves may be stain resistant, often the grout that holds the tiles together will not be stain resistant and will hold the color of items that have been left on the countertop.  By wiping up spills and messes quickly, you will reduce the risk of staining the grout on the countertop.

The use of harsh, abrasive chemicals should be avoided when cleaning a ceramic tile countertop.  These chemicals can strip the sealant on the tiles and dull the color or pattern of the tiles, leaving them vulnerable to stains, chipping, and cracking.  If a stronger cleaning material than soapy water is needed to clean the tile, there are several manufacturers that make commercial tile and grout cleaners that will be safe for use on your countertop.

If you are finding it hard to get the grout in between the tiles clean using sponges and scrubbers, you may want to try using an old toothbrush or nailbrush to get the countertop clean.  A toothbrush or nailbrush is sized to get down in between the tiles to clean the grout and the bristles of the brush are soft enough not to damage the grout but are strong enough to clean away any dirt and debris that is on the grout.  If using chemicals to clean the grout completely, a face mask should be used so that the individual cleaning the grout is not breathing in the fumes from the chemicals.
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