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Recently, a new trend in kitchen remodeling has been sweeping the nation. Many homeowners are now remodeling their kitchens using concrete countertops. Many designers are getting in on the craze, creating concrete countertops that have personality, depth, and style that is rarely found in other mediums. There are many properties of concrete countertops that make them the perfect addition to many kitchens across the United States.

ImageMany individuals choose remodeling with concrete countertops because concrete is one of the most versatile materials used for construction today. The colors and content of the concrete vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, making each creation made with the material unique. Concrete countertops can also be created in different finishes, ranging from rough and pebbled to smooth as glass. The color and the finish of the concrete countertop can be customized to the wishes of the consumer.

Every concrete countertop is made from scratch to the specifications of each consumer. The materials are not mixed or formed until a detailed order is obtained from the consumer and the creator has an idea of what the countertop is supposed to look like. The concrete mix can be created in a wide variety of colors and combinations to create the specific look that the consumer is looking for. The concrete can even be mixed to resemble a specific type of stone, such as granite or marble, at a fraction of the cost of actually creating a custom countertop out of stone. The uniqueness of each creation is one of the reasons why many individuals are remodeling with concrete countertops.

Another reason that many homeowners are remodeling with concrete countertops is the strength of the concrete. Concrete countertops can withstand many of the elements that can destroy a countertop created from other materials. Concrete is naturally heat resistant and will not burn if a hot item is placed on it. Concrete countertops are also resistant to the growth of mildew, fungus, or bacteria, all of which can cause irreparable damage to a countertop surface. These countertops provide cutting surfaces that cannot be marred by a sharp knife or other cutting instrument and are easily cleaned by the application of a small amount of soap and water. Concrete is one of the toughest building materials available, second only to solid stone.

When remodeling with concrete countertops, some individuals choose to have decorative objects such as smooth pebbles or pieces of metal included into the concrete. The concrete anchors the foreign objects firmly into the countertop while creating a unique look that cannot be duplicated with any other medium. These items are mixed in or placed onto the concrete while it is still wet and contained within the mold. As the concrete dries, these items become a permanent part of the concrete.

The sink and other open areas can also be created out of the concrete, resulting in a countertop and sink that is all one piece and seamless. Concrete holds water well and will not be damaged by the water or dish detergent if a clear sealant is applied to the interior of the sink area prior to use. Any type of faucet fixture can be used with a sink created of concrete and the holes for the drain and garbage disposal will be the same as any other sink. The specifications for the sink, faucets, and other additions will need to be supplied to the manufacturer prior to the crafting the countertop as adding the items later would be very difficult to do.

Remodeling the kitchen with concrete countertops is a creative way to obtain a unique look for a reasonable price. The colors, designs, and textures available in concrete countertops make them an attractive option for all types of dcor. The strength of the material coupled with the ease of maintaining the countertop is well worth the price of the formation and custom installation that will be needed to complete the project, resulting in a countertop that will remain in excellent condition for years to come.

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