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Repairing burn marks on a countertop E-mail
Removing burn marks from your kitchen countertop is not an impossible task, even if it may seem so. Once you provide yourself with the correct tools, you will be able to get rid of almost every burn mark. If you have a laminate countertop, you should go for a soft scrub (using bleach), a soft cotton cloth, white toothpaste, an old toothbrush and water. You can repair the burning marks from your laminate countertop by following the next steps: apply a layer of toothpaste right onto the burn mark, let it sit there for 5-10 minutes and use the toothbrush in order to scrub the burned area. Next, wipe this area with some water and the soft cotton cloth.

Keep in mind that you can proceed to the following step only if you donít manage to remove the burn mark.  If the mark hasnít been removed yet, you will have to apply the soft scrub right to the laminate countertop and use the toothbrush in order to scrub the burned area. Keep in mind to use just a fair amount of force. This step is to be repeated as often as necessary in order to have the burn mark removed. Wipe the area clean by using the cloth and some water once you see that the mark has been removed.

Another way to get rid of the burn marks and provide your countertop with a professional finish is by following the next steps.
Provide yourself with the necessary materials - Trisodium Phosphate, alcohol wash, putty, melamine paint, a sponge and a roller. Start by assesing the damage Ė asses the severity and size of the burn mark. For instance, you can simply disguise a smaller mark but a burn mark that is larger than the size of your palm could be too big for you to hide and you will have to replace your countertop. If you decide that the burn mark is small enough in order for you to remove it, you will have to clean that surface with Trisodium Phosphate. By doing this, you will make sure that the countertop is free from grease. Otherwise, grease can interfere with your paint products.

Next, you will have to sand the stained area and you will have to do this by hand because a sanding machine is likely to be too vigorous for your kitchen counter table. Sand the countertop gently and slowly in order for the stained area to be removed. If the burn is deeper, you will have to gouge out the affected area by using a screwdriver. You must be extremely careful when trying to do this in order not to cause further damage. The gap must be filled with a putty that has the same color as the rest of the countertop.  You will have to wipe off any excess of putty. Let the putty dry and sand the area until it become flat. Next, you will have to clean that area by using an alcohol wash. If the putty hasnít the exact same color as the rest of the countertop, you will have to paint it over. Take the melamine paint and have it applied with a roller. Let the paint dry before you place other kitchen items on that part of the countertop. 

If your kitchen countertop is made of porcelain, you should add some water to baking soda in order to create a paste that can be used in order to remove the burn marks. Next, you will have to rub this paste onto the mark you want to remove and leave it there for about 10 minutes. Use the toothbrush in order to rub the stained area free of the mark. However you shouldnít apply too much force when it comes to rubbing the stained area because the baking soda you use is a rather abrasive material and it can scratch your porcelain countertop. Wash the area with water and a soft cloth.  

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