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Study Confirms What We Already Knew: Granite Is Easy To Clean E-mail

One of the biggest obstacles faced by many homeowners is keeping their homes in a clean, almost sterile state.  This is especially important when dealing with kitchen areas.  Keeping the kitchen clean in the face of high traffic, food preparation, and accidents has been a problem for homeowners for generations.  Fortunately, a study recently conducted by the Marble Institute of America (MIA) and the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management has determined which type of kitchen countertop is easiest to clean.  The study found that cleaning granite is easier than cleaning any other type of countertop material. 

ImageThe study was conducted comparing four different types of stone countertops commonly used for residential kitchen countertops.  The study used three types of natural stone and one type of engineered stone for reference and contaminated each surface with E. coli bacteria.  After the contaminate was allowed to dry, the surfaces were cleaned by using a variety of household cleaning items.  The study showed that stone countertops were easily cleaned within the US Food and Drug Administrations guidelines for surface sanitizer criteria of 5-log reduction pathogens on the surface.  Previous studies had also indicated that cleaning granite countertops are easily accomplished with a minimum of labor expenditure.

Properly cleaning granite countertops involves a little bit of work, but will result in a countertop that will remain in excellent condition for many years to come.  Countertops made of stone need regular maintenance and prompt cleaning to ensure that the stone will not become damaged with regular use.  The typically items used for cleaning granite countertops include a sponge, warm water, and either stone soap, neutral cleaner, or mild dishwashing soap.  Cleaning agents for properly cleaning granite countertops can be obtained from many home improvement stores and retailers that manufacture and sell stone countertops.  The surface of the countertop should always be cleaned gently to prevent the appearance of scratches or dull spots on the surface of the stone. 

Preventing stains from occurring on the surface of the countertop is very important for maintaining the condition of a granite countertop.  There are many items, organic and inorganic, that have the ability to stain granite stone.  By cleaning granite countertops promptly after spills or leakage, the homeowner can avoid having set in stains appearing on their countertops.  Once a stain appears on the surface of a granite countertop, it can be extremely difficult to remove if it can be removed at all.  The last thing that a homeowner wants after spending a great deal of money on a custom kitchen countertop is to see a stain or discoloration appearing within the stone.

A granite countertop will need to be resealed by a professional every two years for the life of the countertop.  Having the countertop sealed properly will make cleaning the granite countertop even easier down the road and will protect the countertop from most types of damage.  Sealing the countertop also ensures that the countertop will remain water resistant. When water gets into the small areas inside the granite countertop, it can cause the countertop to crack.  Cracks in a stone countertop should only be fixed by a trained professional and the repair should be scheduled as soon as possible after the crack has been noticed to prevent further damage from occurring in the countertop.

Cleaning granite countertops and maintaining them in excellent condition is easily accomplished by dedicating a few minutes a day to taking care of the countertop.  With just 5 minutes a day, a homeowner will have a granite countertop that is not only beautiful but is strong and durable as well.  Considering the expense that creating a custom granite kitchen countertop requires, every homeowner should take care of their investment by properly cleaning and maintaining their granite countertop.  Individuals that do not maintain their countertop will regret it, spending hundreds of dollars on costly repairs and eventually needing to replace the countertop.

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