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The Advantages of Prefab Countertops E-mail
Over time, the countertops in a kitchen, bathroom, or vanity area will sustain damage and begin to look worn. Anyone who has lived in their home for a long period of time or is thinking about selling their residence knows that the countertops in a home will eventually need replacing. When choosing a type of countertop to replace an existing one, many homeowners might want to think about purchasing prefab countertops for their homes.

Prefab countertops are one of the most popular types of countertops in the nation. The most common type of prefab countertop is created from plastic laminate that is both durable and easy to assemble without formal training. In many cases, individuals that would like to replace their countertops without having to hire a professional choose to use prefab countertops because they are so easy to assemble and can be customized to any sized counter. Trimming the prefab countertop to fit the existing structure is easily accomplished using a utility knife or other cutting devices.

Prefab countertops are strong and durable, lasting for just as long as most other types of countertops. Prefab countertops are created by bonding together multiple layers of laminate, kraft paper, and colorful paper, producing a product that is tough and flexible. Prefab countertops rarely crack or break, but individuals will have to be careful when placing hot objects on the countertop. The items used to create the countertop are not very heat resistant and will burn if it comes into direct contact with an item that is hot.

Another reason why many individuals choose prefab countertops for their homes is that prefab countertops come in a variety of colors and designs to match any décor. Regardless of what type of décor is in the home or what color the homeowner wants to compliment that décor, there is a prefab countertop that will suit their needs. Some prefab countertops feature small designs, such as flowers, butterflies, or shapes, placed on a neutral background. Others are designed to look like tile or stone countertops, adding sophistication to the prefab countertop.

Prefab countertops are inexpensive when compared to most other types of countertops. Purchasing and installing their own prefab countertop will cost the homeowner a fraction of the price that they would be required to pay if the hired a professional and had a custom countertop installed. Prefab countertops are also easy to replace and can be changed as often as the décor for the home changes without costing the homeowner a great deal of money. Many homeowners install brand new prefab countertops in their homes prior to listing the home for sale as it is an inexpensive way to upgrade the home.

Many individuals like prefab countertops because they are very easy to clean and maintain. As long as the homeowner does not use harsh abrasives on the countertop or place hot items directly on the surface of the countertop, the countertop will remain in great condition for a number of years. Cleaning is accomplished with a mild soap, a sponge, and a small amount of hot water. Harsh abrasives should not be used to clean a prefab countertop because the chemicals and the gritty texture of the solution will dull the surface of the countertop and may even pit the surface. As the surface of a prefab countertop inhibits the growth of molds and bacteria, harsh abrasives and bleach laden solutions are not needed for food safety.

There are many advantages to choosing a prefab countertop for the home. The inexpensive price and ease of self installation makes them an attractive option for many do-it-yourselfers while the ease of cleaning the countertops makes it a favorite of housewives across the nation. The versatility of design for the countertops make them one of the most widely used type of countertop in the world and they can be found anywhere, from homes to hotels to businesses. Due to the fact that there are literally thousands of colors and designs that can be incorporated into the prefab countertops, it is almost certain that any homeowner would be able to find the right prefab countertop to suit their needs.

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