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Tiles are one of the most popular finishes for countertops because of their style, versatility, and relatively low cost. They are available in a wide range of material such as synthetic vinyl and heavy ceramic, all of which are fairly durable. This means they can be used anywhere in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom counters. They also offer a lot of room for creativity, as the tiles come in different colors and patterns.

If you want to use tiled countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, one of your first decisions should be your color theme and design. Ideally, your countertop should match your home décor, either by complementing the colors or providing a nice contrast. The most important thing is to let your own tastes prevail.

Try looking up picture galleries to help you get started. They are a great source of ideas for home design, covering all themes from classic to contemporary. Here are some good sources:


Product catalogs are great if you're budget-conscious, as they usually state the price and shipping costs for each item. They also offer full descriptions so you know what it's made of and what colors are available. Some even include actual samples of the tile, so you can compare the textures as well. These are usually issued by manufacturers, retailers, or distributors, and may be offered free or for a small fee.

Some catalogs show the company's full range of products, while some only show a particular line. If you already have a design in mind, a good idea would be to browse through manufacturer's catalogs to see which ones most closely match your theme.

Store catalogs are usually more varied because they include different brands and manufacturers. Bigger stores naturally offer more choices, but small companies may carry lesser-known brands that cater to specific tastes. Request catalogs from a variety of stores to get a better range of choices.


Home design magazines often feature full spreads and centerfolds dedicated design galleries. Look for issues focusing on bathroom or kitchen design. Some issues focus on a specific style, which can be helpful if you've already decided on a design. Today's magazines are very liberal when it comes to style, so you'll be sure to find something that matches your tastes. Don't discount old issues, either, as some of the best trends have evolved in the past few years. Besides, the best designs never go out of style.

Usually, these galleries are paid for by advertisers, so your choices might be limited. But there are a lot of manufacturers out there – you can;find most of them if you consult several different magazines. Most magazines also have a directory at the back page, which you can also use for leads.

Online stores

Online stores allow you to go through more choices without having to visit the stores yourself. You also have more options because all the products are accessible from the same website. To find pictures online, just look up home design stores in your area and look through their product galleries. These websites usually have a search function, which is useful if you're looking for a specific brand, color, or model.

Most stores can also sell directly from their websites, so you can just click on the tile you want, provide your account details, and make your order. It usually takes 24 to 48 hours to get your order, depending on your location. Note that there may be shipping charges added to the cost of the tile.

The only drawback to buying online is that you can't be sure of the product's quality until you buy them. To stay safe, buy only from reputable stores and brands. If possible, order a catalog or sample sheet before making your purchase.

Online photo galleries

If you're just looking for design ideas, or if you're having your tiles custom-made, you can simply search for pictures using Google Image search or visit interior design galleries. These should give you an overview of the styles, colors, and arrangements you can use. Or if you have a general idea of what you want, you can look it up online and get specific details to flesh out your idea.

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