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Tips and Advice for Installing and Maintaining your Kitchen Countertops E-mail

Kitchen renovations can be a daunting task. However, with a few basic power tools and some help from local DIY retail store, you can do the work yourself. Installing countertops is not as difficult as you might think. Here are some tips on installing the counters you love, and then keeping them looking new once the work is done.

Tips for Installing Countertops:

There are some tools you will need to install your countertops. Taking the time to pick up these hand tools and power tools through DIY stores will help you create a professional job that looks great.

  • The first power tool is a belt sander with an 80-grit belt. This will be used to clean the reverse side of the backsplash, allowing a tight fit against the wall.

  • A scribing tool will be used to make accurate marks on walls that are irregular.

  • 10-in mill file and a half-round file will help you get perfect ends on laminate counters.

  • 10-point or finer handsaw and a jigsaw

  • Masking tape

Here are a few tips that can help you get the countertops perfect as you are installing.

  • The first step is to measure the cabinets before ordering countertops. Then, measure them again. Always double-check measurements to be sure they are exact.

  • Plan on using build-up strips across the front of the cabinets. By laying these strips under the counters, you are creating a stronger surface and also elevating the counter slightly so drawers will open and close easily.

  • When cutting out the hole for the sink, be sure that it is centred over the cabinet. Check that it is set back enough that it will not hit the front of the cabinet when itís lowered into place. Finally, take care that you cut the hole smaller than the rim of the sink.

  • Before securing the countertop in corners, attach the mitre bolts. Once you know the corner joint is smooth and proper you can begin scribing the back of the backsplash to get a perfect fit against the wall. Use the belt sander and work to the scribe line for a perfect fit.

    • Once the sink is in place, the sections of countertop can be secured to the lower cabinets. Steel angles are used to attach the countertop from underneath. The screws will be hidden, and you will be left with an attractive countertop.

    Countertop Maintenance:

    • Regular cleaning and sealing of granite countertops will keep them looking sharp and new.

    • Marble looks fantastic, but to prevent staining it should be sealed regularly.

    • Avoid scratches on ceramic tile by using proper cutting boards and hot pads. Keep grout lines clean and fresh by sealing them and using the right cleaners.

    • Laminate countertops are affordable, but care should be taken to always use hot pads and cutting boards.

    • Stainless steel counters are durable against knives, hot dishes, and clumsy chefs. Keeping them clean is easy, but they can be very loud to work with and difficult to install.

    • Soapstone is beautiful with its warm feel; however it requires regular application of mineral oil to keep it looking lovely.

    • Butcher block counters are rustic, natural and durable. They can be sanded and sealed or oiled to keep them looking their best.

    To keep your countertops looking like new, care should be taken that you always use hot pads and cutting boards. Even if the counters are crafted from materials that can handle the heat and are resistant to scratches, using protective surfaces will keep them in great shape. Keep the pad and boards in a convenient place, and use them every time for a long-lasting finish on your counter tops.

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