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Tips on Caring for Your Formica Countertop E-mail
Formica countertops are among the most popular and solid choices that combine both affordability and beauty. However, caring for such Formica countertops is what extends their life and even make sure that they can retain their original goods looks over time. In order to prolong the lifespan of your Formica countertop, you should pay attention to the following tips regarding all the things that must be kept away from its surface. With just a little common sense, your Formica countertop can be made to last for a longer period of time and even hold up to the regular wear and tear.

  • First, flames and heat are to be avoided – for instance, you must not place hot pots or electrical appliances directly on your Formica countertop. Instead, you should use trivets, hot plates or pads in order to keep the Formica surface protected.
  • Cutting is another matter that must be avoided when it comes to caring for you’re your Formica countertop. Even if this surface is likely to be pretty scratch resistant, you must avoid cutting things directly on it. Instead, you should use cutting boards in order to protect the original appearance of the Formica countertop.
  • Harsh abrasives must be avoided as well – for instance, scouring powder may damage the surface of your Formica countertop. Instead, you should stick to some milder agents in order to clean this surface.
  • Solvents and chemicals should be prevented from reaching the Formica surface as they can damage the Formica brand laminate even if this surface is highly durable. Here are some of the substances that can damage your Formica countertop when spilled right on it: sodium hyperchlorite, toilet bowl cleaners, chlorine bleach, tile and bathtub cleaners, scale and lime removers, oven and ceramic cleaners and coffee pot cleaners. Each of these substances has the ability to discolor, corrode and damage a Formica countertop.
  • Over watering is another issue that must be avoided in the case of the Formica countertop. For instance, too much water on your Formica countertop is likely to leak right in its seams and cause further swelling problems.

The basic instructions to be followed in the case of Formica countertop cleaning include the following: a standard cleaning that involves only a clean sponge/cloth and soapy water and the avoidance of abrasives whenever this is possible, streak removal – you will need juts a regular window cleaner in order to take proper care of this problem, spills removal – make sure that you clean each spill right away in order to prevent further staining and waxing – you should wax your Formica countertop in order to protect its original features. Go for a gel or wax that is highly recommended for use on the Formica countertops.

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