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Tips on Choosing Granite Countertop Finishes E-mail
Once you have decided to go for granite countertops for your kitchen space, you will have to choose the exact type and finish of the granite you want to be installed. Textures, patterns and colors are likely to compliment your kitchen theme and you will have to go for granite finishes that are perfectly incorporated into your kitchen design.

There are two main types of granite: consistent and variegated. The first one comes with a solid pattern that is repeated throughout its stone slab while the variegated granite comes with beautiful and unique customization through a sporadic design that will not be consistent throughout the whole stone surface. For instance, metallic veins or colors can be considered in order to create a really interesting granite countertop.

Also, there are 2 main kinds of finishes that can be applied on a granite countertop: a flat finish that comes with a smooth appearance but it is also more prone to staining and a polished finish that will provide the granite countertop both with a glossy look and a more durable structure. The variations in your granite countertop will also allow you to increase the current value of your home.

Additionally, you will be allowed to get a total customization for each of your kitchen remodeling plans. Granite colors, patterns and textures can be fully personalized in order to meet your specific accessories and taste. Once you have chosen the right color for your granite countertop, you will have to choose the right finish for this surface. Typically, granite countertops are polished to a honed or high gloss finish.

The honed granite finish looks quite classy. This type of finish is similar the polished granite but without its distinctive reflective shine. This type of finish is popular due to its increased durability and uniqueness. The satin finish is a durable material too and it can be used both for kitchen countertops and home floors. For instance, if you want a natural look for your kitchen, you should go for the honed black granite. Its matte finish is available in a wide range of designs and colors   

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