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Tips on Cleaning Your Soapstone Kitchen Countertop E-mail
Soapstone is a metamorphic and non-porous stone that is composed of magnesium, talc, chlorate and silicate. Soapstone is among the easiest to maintain and most stain-resistant materials that can be used for kitchen countertops and its stain resistant qualities coupled with its heat resistant properties make this material one of the highest desirable additions to any modern and highly functional kitchen space.

Here are some tips for you to use in order to clean your soapstone kitchen countertop and prolong its life:
  1. The daily cleaning routine will involve a soft sponge/cloth, dishwashing liquid, bucket, warm water and a dry towel. Start the cleaning process by adding just a few drops of the dishwashing liquid in the bucket full of warm water and work these drops until suds form. Next, you will have to wet the cloth/sponge with this soapy water and start wiping the soapstone counter. Rinse out the cloth/sponge with some plain water and make sure to wipe away every residue. The soapstone counter must be allowed to air dry or you can wipe it dry by using the towel. Also, you may go for a general and all-purpose cleaner on the soapstone countertop because this material is impervious to various chemicals.
  2. The periodic cleaning routine will involve a soft cloth, mineral oil and a soft towel. First, you will have to pour just a small amount of the mineral oil you have chosen onto the cloth. Next, you will have to start rubbing this mineral oil right onto the surface of the soapstone countertop. After the oiling process is finished, you should wipe away all the excess in order for the soapstone surface not to feel slick. The excess oil is not likely to soak in as soapstone is a material that is impermeable. During your first year of using and cleaning the soapstone countertop, you will have to make sure that this periodic cleaning routine is done about 2-3 weeks in order to help the soapstone oxidize evenly and get a darker tone. Thereafter, you will have to go for this periodic cleaning routine about every 2-3 months.  
  • Whenever you want to clean your soapstone countertop, you must avoid bleach, acidic cleaners, vinegar or abrasive cleaners. Go for neutral cleaners and try to wipe the stains as soon as the spills occur. Soapstone counters tend to stain quite easily. So, you should use fresh cleaning clothes and neutral cleaners and rinse the surface with some clean water in order to remove residue.
  • Keep in mind that regular application of a mineral oil will make the difference for the way your soapstone counter looks its natural colors will be enhanced and its surface will look fresher.
  • Also, you must not use a harsh chemical such as the paint stripper when cleaning a soapstone counter on which you prepare or eat your foods.        
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